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    Covid 19 antibody test strip suppliers Dubai

    In the recent times, Covid 19 has hit many homes and destroyed majority of families. It has been difficult for all the folks around the globe to survive this pandemic. Earlier when the Novel Corona Virus had just kicked off, the medical industry still didn’t have any clue on what medicine can fight against the virus. But within a very short span of time, all the medical forces came together to find a solution to stop the spread of this disease. Also at first, the only way to identify this virus were a few symptoms like loss of taste, fever, cold, headache, etc. Later we found new testing methods through which one can easily identify weather the individual is actually affected by the virus or is having a viral fever. At National Medical Supplies Dubai, we offer a variety of medical equipment’s suitable for small clinics as well as hospitals. We provide with all the materials required for any kind of Rapid Tests in Dubai. May it be Drugs of Abuse Rapid Tests or Infectious diseases rapid test; at NMS you will get every medical instrument/accessory required to conduct the test. Our products are 100% genuine and always give accurate results. NMS has also become one of the leading Covid 19 test suppliers in Dubai. Since the time when Corona virus had hit the UAE, our group had also actively participated in supplying the necessary equipments for conducting Covid 19 rapid test in Dubai. National Medical Supplies was one amongst the few medical agencies who were able to provide Covid 19 test strips in Dubai at the beginning stage of Novel Corona Virus and also we are listed in the top for Covid 19 antigen test suppliers in Dubai. Our team has always made it a point to satisfy our client needs with quality products and services that come at very nominal price range. Having an experience in the gulf for more than 3 decades, our team has successfully managed to get the best surgical instruments and accessories required in the medical industry. At NMS, other than products for rapid tests, we also provide with medical equipments like Dental-chair, X-ray machines, Veterinary enquipment, etc. Also our products are tested by the experts before being supplied to our customers. If you are looking for surgical instruments at an exceptional price, do get in touch with our customer agent today to get the best quote.

    National medical Supplies offers a wide range of medical equipment for COVID-19 rapid tests, like:
    • Rapid Test Drug of Abuse, Dubai
    • Rapid Test Infectious Diseases, Dubai
    • Antibody Test Strip Suppliers in Dubai
    • Antigen Test Suppliers in Dubai

    rapid test infectious diseases Dubai by National Medical Supplies


    GE Voluson S6 Ultrasound Machine

    GE Voluson S6 Ultrasound Machine OTHER BRAND: HITACHI, GE, MEDISON, PHILIPS

    ultrasound machine suppliers by National Medical Supplies


    Sonoscape S40

    19 inch definition LCD monitor with wide viewing angle 10 inch touch screen with 15°adjustable angle Height and position adjustable control panle with muted function

    ultrasound machine suppliers by National Medical Supplies


    Sonoscape S11

    With over thirty year's experience in develpoment and manufacture of ultrasonic imaging systems, SONOSCAPE is fully aware of the importance for ultrasound practitioner.

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