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Like any field of medical science, the advance of technology in the area of dentistry has also been immense. Hence, the requirements for setting up a full-fledged dental clinic or hospital are also quite huge. The same applies to sustaining an existing facility wherein many dental procedures are carried out and treatment provided to patients.


Different types of dental equipment are needed for the team of professional dental practitioners to treat and manage patients. Dental equipment can be grouped into different categories based on the purpose and usage. Apart from the sophisticated equipment needed for carrying out complex dental procedures, the clinic would need other equipment required to support the dental practice, simple handheld items used for examining the patients, medical equipment integrated with computer systems, lighting equipment, materials used by the support staff to maintain hygiene and prevent infection etc. that constitute the complete package.


One primary factor that decides the range of equipment needed is the extent of dental services provided to patients. A smaller clinic catering only to basic examination and procedures may not require all the equipment, especially some of the sophisticated ones. The investment in equipment when setting up a dental clinic must be based on the type of services that will be offered. Equally important is the aspect of providing necessary training to the entire team of professionals on how to operate the equipment.


Common dental equipment would be:


  • Special chairs for dental patient
  • Utility and sterilization equipment
  • Dental lighting and X-ray imaging  


More sophisticated items are:


  • Intraoral cameras and 3D imaging systems
  • Surgical equipment and Dental lasers
  • Portable dental equipment 


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Please reach out to us for all requirements related to setting up a new dental clinic or up-gradation of the existing setup. Our team of competent professionals can help in providing all the necessary dental unit equipment in Dubai. Customers also have the option of selecting from a broad range of options available at competitive prices. Moreover, the equipment is sourced from reputed companies, does not compromise on quality, undergoes all the stringent tests, meets the required standards and is approved by the regulatory bodies.

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