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    Apixia PSP Scanner Dental Solution In Dubai

    Intraoral radiography is about capturing high-quality images and information that would be beneficial for a dental practitioner. Being one of the most important imaging techniques used and available in the field of industry, the equipment, technology and procedure used in the same is found to be extremely useful in the treatment of dental diseases and jawbone ailments.


    A photostimulable phosphor plate (PSP) is one type of X-Ray detector used in radiography for application in the field of dentistry. The plates are used as receptors to acquire digital images after exposure and the image remains on the plate. The plates are then fed into a scanning device capable of reading the images from the plates which can then be viewed through a computer screen by using the necessary software. Besides, the software will also usually provide the essential features which are necessary to analyze and study the images further. A detailed assessment of the images helps the dental practitioner to understand more about the disease affecting the patients.


    Apixia PSP scanner is one of the efficient scanning devices which makes use of the phosphor plates technology to capture images. The aspects covered by traditional X-Ray film are considered to be achievable using the phosphor plates too. Additionally, the precise images of good resolution that are stored in the plates can be easily scanned and transferred to a computer for further review.


    The technology has multiple benefits from a dental practitioner’s view


    • Digital imaging and radiography is a much easier procedure for dental professionals
    • End to end procedure of capturing the image and viewing it on a computer is a fast one
    • Same phosphor plates can be reused multiple times to capture new images
    • Different sizes of plates are also available depending on the requirement
      High resolution and quality images are available for study and assessment
    • All that needs to be done is to insert the exposed plate into the scanner and processing of image information is completed without any fuss
    • The scanner will also take care of erasing the image once it is processed and available on the computer
    • The product is compact and a reasonable option in terms of price when compared to the conventional X-ray films
    • Software provided as part of the device package is easy to use and provides many features for detailed assessment


    Please reach out to us for your apixia PSP scanner Dubai requirements and be assured of a competitive quote and quality service.

    APIXIA PSP Scanner

    The Apixia PSP Scanner packs tremendous imaging power into a small package. Tiny enough to fit into the most crowded dental operatories for handy chairside use, yet robust enough to be placed in a central location for use by the entire office. The Apixia PSP Scanner is the ideal product for any size dental practice.

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