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    For every dental expert, it is always important to get the right kind of dental chairs that gives utmost comfort to the patient as well as the doctor who is operating. These chairs are designed in such a way that they could connect all the other equipment’s required in a dental clinic. There are many items that you may find in a clinic like- lights, cuspidor, stool, hydric box, etc. and each of these are equally important for a clinic to function properly.


    But the most important part of a dental clinic is the dental chair which is used for the patient to sit while the dentist examines and operate. These chairs are made out of parts such as a headrest, backrest, armrest and a comfortable full-length seat. The dental chairs can be made into 2 different shapes; one can be the standard traditional type while the other type is an advanced knee break chair. Ergonomics plays a key role here while you have to choose between the two chairs for your clinic. It is essential to choose a good comfortable chair that is adjustable, rigid and strong to survive for years, and also made out of high-quality material which can live for long.


    What are dental chairs and why is it important to choose a comfortable but professional model?

    The dental chairs are usually made with a minimum height of 400mm, with a headrest that can be adjusted and with the help of pedals or keyboards, the chair movements can be taken care of as per the patient’s body length. At National Medical Supplies, we offer both these type of chairs which are made with premium standard materials that are unbreakable and provides utmost comfort while operating. The chairs we supply are of robust substances and if compared to similar dental chair in Dubai, you will find our product to be offered at a very competitive rate. Also being a customer-friendly supply agency, we give good brand warranty to our clients.


    Buy the best quality Dental Chairs in UAE

    Aiming to become the best dental chair suppliers in Dubai, NMS has successfully made connections with top-notch medical institutions, with no negative complaints so far. Our customer service team is available 24×7 round the clock, ready to help our clients with product service. Choose our products at nominal rates and get satisfaction for a lifetime. Call us today and get the best quote in very little time.

    Miglionico Nice Class


    Suntem Dental Chair ST 309 STANDARD CONFIGURATION: ●Luxury patient chair : 1 set ●Sewed eco-leather cushion: 1 set ●Hanging Hose Type instrument tray: 1 set ●Main switch for water/air/power: 1 set ●Foot controller, 4-way joystick: 1 set ●Imported 3-way syringe :2 sets


    Designed for simply doing its job and doing it well, the F1 Mondo answers a need for great value with lower costs. The F1 Mondo is durable, reliable and effortless to work with. Further, the F1 Mondo is extremely easy to maintain and service.


    FIMET F1 CONTENANTAL DENTAL CHAIR The F1 Continental chair has the largest movement range on the market from the Trendelenburg position up to the 90º/90º sitting up position. The large height adjustment range (43 – 93 cm) makes it comfortable to use in both standing and sitting positions.


    Elegant and compact design The ergonomic and elegant design of the Neo dental treatment unit makes your practice more functional and convenient than ever before. The Neo´s compact and small base provides for more working space for both the dentist and the assistant.


    Standard configuration: ● under a hanging tool dribbling air brake device (rotary phone holder) ● 24V DC electric chair (with a bit of compensation) ● 3 Memory control system (with interlock) ● seamless leather cushions (foldable headrests) ● red the sputum mouth quantitative automatic water supply system ● Turn the glass spittoon ● luxury oral lights ● LED film viewer


    With many patients visiting your clinic every day, hyginec is of the upmost importance,The unit features a glass spittoon and suction filter which are detacheable and easy to clean.our hygienic unit ensuir the dentists can work in a relaxed and healthy environment

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