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    Intra Oral X-Ray, Intra Oral Sensor & Intra Oral Scanner

    Intraoral X-Rays:

    Intraoral X-rays are radiographic images taken from inside the patient’s mouth, providing a close-up view of individual teeth and specific areas of the oral cavity. They are used for diagnosing dental conditions and monitoring oral health. Common types of intraoral X-rays include bitewing X-rays, periapical X-rays, and occlusal X-rays.


    Intraoral Sensors:

    Intraoral sensors are digital devices used in conjunction with X-ray machines to capture images of the teeth and oral structures. These sensors have largely replaced traditional X-ray film in many dental practices. They are more efficient than film-based X-rays because they provide immediate digital images that can be easily viewed, stored, and shared. Intraoral sensors reduce radiation exposure, as they require less radiation to produce clear images. Dentists position the sensor inside the patient’s mouth to capture X-ray images, and these images are displayed on a computer screen for analysis and diagnosis.


    Intraoral Scanners:

    Intraoral scanners are devices used to create 3D digital impressions of a patient’s teeth and oral structures. They eliminate the need for traditional, physical impressions (molds) that can be uncomfortable for patients. Intraoral scanners typically use a handheld wand that is moved around the patient’s mouth to capture detailed 3D images. These digital impressions are used for various purposes, including restorative dentistry (e.g., crowns and bridges), orthodontics (e.g., treatment planning and clear aligners), and cosmetic dentistry (e.g., veneers and smile design).

    Intraoral scanners provide precise and accurate digital models, improving the efficiency and quality of dental procedures.

    Vatech EZ Sensor HD

    Product description

    Detector CMOS
    Pixel Size 14.8μm
    Theoretical Resolution 33.78lp/mm
    Dynamic Range 12 bit
    Active Area(WxL) Size 1.0 _ 20 x 30mm
    Size 1.5 _ 24 x 33mm
    Size 2.0 _ 26 x 36mm
    Dimensions(WxLxT) Size 1.0 _ 25.4 x 36.8mm (1.00 X 1.45 inch)
    Size 1.5 _ 29.2 x 39.5mm (1.14 X 1.55 inch)
    Size 2.0 _ 31.3 x 42.9mm (1.23 X 1.69 inch)
    Thickness 4.8mm(0.19inch)
    Cable Length 2.7m

    Vatech EzSensor Classic

    Product description

    Detector CMOS
    Pixel Size 29.6 μm
    Theoretical Resolution 17 lp/mm
    Dynamic Range 12 bit
    Active Area(WxL) Size 1.0 _ 20 x 30 mm
    Size 1.5 _ 24 x 33 mm
    Size 2.0 _ 26 x 36 mm
    Dimensions(WxLxT) Size 1.0 _ 25.4 x 36.8mm (1.00 x 1.45 inch)
    Size 1.5 _ 29.2 x 39.5mm (1.14 x 1.55 inch)
    Size 2.0 _ 31.3 x 42.9mm (1.23 x 1.69 inch)
    Thickness 4.8 mm(0.19 inch)
    Cable Length 2.7 m

    Vatech EZ Ray Premium

    Product description

    ➢ Streamline design for easy one-hand grip
    ➢ 4.7kg head for stable positioning
    ➢ Only 2 clicks needed for capturing
    ➢ Detachable control panel

    Vatech Inta Oral Scanner VSP

    Product description

    Vatech VSP is a user-friendly scanner, it's small and light so it can be set up in small-sized dental clinic efficiently. Vatech VSP has a 4-inch LCD touch screen as a high-end device. It provides to show the largest preview image. Ethernet cable enables rapid image transfer from scanner to PC. We developed Vatech VSP as a simple, fast, and easy diagnosis of patients on chairside.

    Vatech Inta Oral Scanner VSP

    Product description

    The intraoral color scanner designed together with Dental professionals to ensure a perfect fit into the modern digital dental practice. It is characterized by an exclusive ergonomic design and by being one of the lightest color scanners available. It boasts the most sought-after features for restorative dentistry at a very attractive price. The system has true open architecture integration, enabling dentists to send digital impressions to any open dental CAD System on the lab side. The EzScan is designed and manufactured in the United States.

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