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    Dental OPG, CT & Sensor

    ‍Capturing images inside a small space may not have been an easy option in the past. Technology has evolved extensively with medical science in the last many years and made use of x-rays and imaging techniques in the field of dentistry too.

    Small x-ray equipment with intraoral sensors designed to fit within the mouth of a person allows dentists and technicians to take high-resolution digital pictures without losing any detail during the process. The amount of information available in the images captured by Vatech intraoral sensors that are digital offers much deeper information for the doctors. The level of radiation is also considered to be comparatively smaller making the process safer too for the patients. The ability to zoom in with the equipment helps doctors and clinical technicians in the diagnosis and treatment of the ailments too. Overall, the process is a seamless one for both patients and doctors.  

    Orthopantomogram or OPG is usually one of the options used by dentists to capture images during an extended dental treatment for a patient. The method helps to capture panoramic images of the teeth and jaw structures and covers a wide area of the parts in the image. Another advantage is that it helps to include some of the areas of the jaw and teeth that are otherwise not easy to diagnose and treat. The approach with computed tomography (CT) helps to capture detailed information in the images which may not be possible with conventional x-rays.

    The other advantages of the above digital imaging methods include the ability to convert the picture into a digital image with minimum loss of clarity which provides the option to share it with other parts for requirements like detailed research, investigation with other colleagues and also for insurance-related purposes.    

    In general, there are multiple benefits like:

    Broad coverage of the body parts
    Less radiation
    Easier examination and investigation
    Ability to capture images from a small and restricted area
    Minimum time capture the image and
    Ability to visually present with other experts and patients

    NMSGulf has been providing the supply of dental equipment like RVG sensors for all dental clinic requirements. The company is also involved in sales of other equipment (including surgical) like dental CBCT machine, dental panoramic machine and dental OPG machine in Dubai at the most competitive prices. Allow us to serve your dental requirements and we try our best to provide the best equipment available in the market and approved by the responsible medical institution.

    National Medical Supplies offers a wide range of dental equipment for different kinds of tests, like: (Add below in bullet points as added below)

    • CBCT Machine Dental.
    • OPG X Ray Machine.
    • RVG Intraoral X Ray Sensor.

    PAX-i 3D Smart

    One scan with a PaX-i3D Smart gives you not just a CT image but also an Auto Pano image. This means, patients who require both images do not need to undergo two X-ray scans. Also, CT and Auto Pano images are displayed within the One Viewer feature.

    Vatech EzSensor

    EASY DIAGNOSIS AND GREAT EXPERIENCE, EzSensor EzSensor provides consistently high resolution and clear images for accurate diagnosis and treatment planning with various size.

    Pax-i SC (Scan Type)

    YOUR PARTNER IN DIGITAL SUCCESS, PaX-i SC (Scan Type) 1. Superior Image Quality - Optimal image for accurate diagnosis 2. Two Built-in Sensors - Specialized sensors for Pano & Ceph - Streamlined workflow and prolonged lifespan of sensors 3. Modern and Compact Design - Raise design value of your clinic - Save installation space in your clinic


    THE CONVENIENT FLEXIBLE SYSTEM, PaX-Flex3D 1. Practical 3 in 1 System - CBCT, Real Panoramic, Cephalometric - Two Dedicated Sensors 2. Flexible & Simple Upgrade - System Upgrade: Panoramic to CBCT - FOV Upgrade: 5X5, 8X5, 8x8, 12X8.5 3. Advanced Panoramic Imaging Technology - Ultra HD - Auto Focusing - Easy way to extend the FOV sixe

    PAX i 3D GREEN

    PaX-i3D Green provides the superb diagnostic images, a source of pride for any well established dental practice, taking care of patient’s safety at the same time.


    Green CBCT VATECH’s innovative ultra low dose X-ray technology Green CBCT protects both patient and clinician


    PaX-i provides the most precise and high quality panoramic image by innovative imaging process and accumulated experience in dental imaging from VATECH. It always enables you to perform an accurate diagnosis with great satisfaction from patients in your clinic.

    Vatech Ez Classic Sensor


    Wall Mount X-Rays Ez Ray Air Wall

    The Smart Essentials For Your Clinic

    • Smart angulation for optimal results
    • Intuitive & convenient operating panel
    • One dial for all function
    • 2.4kg lightweight tube head for stable and safe use
    • Compact design for easy use

    Vatech EzRay Premium Intra Oral X-Ray

    • Streamline design for easy one-hand grip
    • 4.7kg head for stable positioning
    • Only 2 clicks needed for capturing
    • Detachable control panel
    • 2 Year Warranty
    • Safe & Clear Image

    Provides diagnostic values with advanced technology. A focal spot of 0.4mm create sharper images perfectly matched to whatever digital intra-oral sensor, PSP or film product you use.

    • Easy To Use
    • Intuitive icons on LED screen detachable panel
    • Optimized Automatic Settings

    EzRay Premium has a pre-programmed setting for each tooth. With one click of a button, it automatically optimizes image capturing such as capture area and patient condition for each case.

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