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    ENT Vision System & ENT Scopes

    Many sophisticated equipment and devices are available nowadays in the market with the development of technology that helps in the detailed investigation, treatment and surgery for problems related to the ear, nose and throat. Companies are continuously working to improve the efficiency and capability of the equipment to satisfy the clinical needs of ENT specialists and help them in providing more advanced and effective treatment for the patients. Some of the innovative growing technologies in the field of ENT equipment include:

    Advanced endoscopic imaging and video equipment
    Endoscopy devices capable of navigating to the smallest parts and capturing detail
    Energy systems and instruments
    Surgical instruments, Disposables and implantation devices
    Hand-held instruments having higher flexibility and capability
    Substances and chemicals used for disinfection and sterilization
    Integration with other digital devices and solutions
    The objectives achieved and the output provided by the above-mentioned devices are wide-ranging, excellent and of great benefit in the successful investigation and execution of the complex procedures involved during treatment and surgery. Examples of scenarios and how they support the treatment for ENT specialists are:

    Imaging systems which provide high quality and detailed information about the tissues, blood vessels and other minuscule parts of the body
    Radiofrequency based treatment and solution providing reduced exposure and optimal results in the treatment of various ENT issues and ailments
    Ability to view the digital information captured by the camera fitted devices in great detail and high resolution during surgical procedures
    The integration of sophisticated equipment with digital systems like computers have given the option of viewing and producing advanced digital images and videos that are of great benefit for diagnosis and treatment
    If you are looking to purchase an endoscope in Dubai or a colposcope machine in Dubai, please connect with us at NMSGulf. Our company is dealing with supply of various medical equipment and products required for all types of clinics and hospital requirements. The equipment is sourced from top-rated companies, adheres to all the necessary quality standards and is approved by the regulatory bodies and institutions. The prices are comparatively better in comparison with other suppliers and affordable for a range of customers. We are also one of the leading vision systems suppliers in Dubai.

    Our team with a lot of experience and trained staff will engage closely to understand the needs and provide a proposal accordingly with complete information. Post all the necessary formalities and agreements, the orders are processed accordingly to the best satisfaction of the customers.

    Top ENT Equipment Suppliers In Dubai

    ent equipment suppliers Dubai by National Medical Supplies


    Microscope TM03-44

    SPECIFICATION Microscope Head(OEM JAPAN) Eye Piece 5X Objective lens 3X,5X,8X 3steps Beam Splitter Built in Illumination system Light Guide system Binocular tube Straight type(standard) Effective visual field 50-20mm Weight 5.8Kg

    Irrigator INI-1000

    ent equipment suppliers Dubai by National Medical Supplies

    Vision Systems INV-150

    SPECIFICATION Power Supply : 220VAC,50Hz Power Consumption : 200W (+/-5%) 3 3. Dimensio : 310mm(D) x 220mm(W) x 120mm(H) (+/-5%) Weight Approx : 6kg (+/-5%) Light Holder : 1Hole Halogen Lamp : 150W Freezing board : 1/2/4 capture

    ent equipment suppliers Dubai by National Medical Supplies

    Vision System INV-250

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