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    Video Colposcope Devices For Gynaecologist

    The Digital video colposcope for gynaecologist is an incredible superior quality camera and imaging module utilized for clinical assessments of the cervix, vulva and vagina. This device contains superior quality CCD imaging module and very splendid LED light source, give high quality pictures for clinicians to see pathology changes. This video colposcope is not the same as customary optical colposcopes since as opposed to review through an eyepiece, it utilizes a high-goal imaging innovation that shows the caught pictures on a review screen High-goal shading CCD, roundabout LED bunch light source, and control circuit all coordinate into one handheld camera.

    NMSGulf offers easy to use Video Colposcope which consists of programming empowers simple patient information the executives, picture and video catch, comments, clinical choice following, and simple information trade for reconciliation into electronic clinical records. Use the live stream for your assessment to any place all throughout the planet or utilize secure case-sharing highlights to get clinical help and quality confirmation from specialists and friends. It definitely makes the invasive nature of a forensic exam less invasive with the foot pedal and auto focus feature.

    Below are some of the unique features Video Colposcope contains:

    Button controls give comfort to tasks, for example, zoom in/out, center, freeze, green channel, and timing and amplification factor show.
    Three-grade electronic green channel gives outstanding pathology perception.
    Bright LED light source imitates the real nature of tissue.
    40x amplification (36x optical) and 52° field of view for close up review of potential injuries or anomalies.
    LED cold lighting system realizes real view of tissue
    Real-time display of magnification
    Powerful image display and data management software
    1X-28X magnification range—C3
    1X-36X magnification range—C6
    ‍Different Segments present in a Video Colposcope:

    Image preparing unit
    Vertical stand
    New innovation – R-way™ emphasizes on quality control of the Colposcopy screening process which positively supports Gynecologists an objective decision making process. NMSGulf offers you high quality Video Colposcope in UAE as per your medical needs at a cost effective price. We understand the requirements of the client accordingly offer them the best model in Video Colposcopy which can provide them with the right information. Get in touch with our expert team which can help you with the functioning of this device and its unique features.

    EDAN C3/C6

    Features Electronic green filter enhances vascular image display without compromise of illumination Advanced and fast auto-focusing system ensures clear image Acetic acid and iodine reaction test timer to capture the right and precise image Real-time display of magnification Powerful image display and data management software

    EDAN C3

    With its bright LED cold lighting system, high-resolution camera and electronic green filter, C3A/C6A Video Colposcope realizes full-screen display of precise cervical examination, offering crucial and accurate information for clinical decision making to the gynecologist.

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