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    Blood gas analyser machine Dubai, UAE

    A blood gas analyser machine in the UAE is the equipment used as part of clinical analysis and research to measure values of certain components in the blood of the human body. Also known as an Arterial blood gas analyser, the machine is used to measure blood gas, pH value of blood, and amount of electrolytes and metabolites in the blood. The machine can measure the amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide concentration and also other chemical substances like potassium, sodium etc.

    The blood gas test is usually performed to identify the imbalance in the amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood. pH value measurement is also assessed as part of the test to ascertain the variations in the presence of acidic and alkaline content in the blood. pH values are expected to be within a specific range when there is balance in the acidic and alkaline content. A lower pH value can indicate more acidic content and a higher pH value would indicate a higher alkaline content. When the values tend to vary, the balance tilts resulting in health issues and medical conditions that require treatment by doctors. Variation in pH value and gas content can often result in problems affecting the lungs, kidneys, diabetes, shock, haemorrhage and so on.

    Doctors usually recommend a blood gas analyser test as part of the clinical analysis when the patients complain of issues like difficulty in breathing, confusion and nausea. By performing the test, the variations and imbalance in the number of gases or pH value can be identified based on which appropriate course of treatment would be recommended. The test is usually considered to be not so complicated and requires a certain amount of blood to be taken out from the body and provided to the machine for performing the analysis and giving the results.

    At NMSgulf, we specialize in providing all types of medical and clinical equipment to cater to the different needs of laboratories and hospitals. Our team also handles blood gas analyser machine Dubai requirements and can serve the customers by completing delivery of their orders on a timely basis. We also take care to ensure that the equipment provided is of high quality and in adherence to all the necessary guidelines and standards. With concrete experience for an extended time frame in the area of medical and clinical equipment, our company can successfully meet the needs at competitive rates regularly.


    Edan i15 Blood Gas and Chemistry Analyzer (POCT) As a brand new POCT device specially designed for critical cares, i15 is portable, easy to use and performs a flexible panel tests from a single disposable cartridge. i15 brings new era of blood gas and chemistry analysis, and it enables you to more quickly and effectively monitor and manage your patients.

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