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    Hematology analyzer machine Dubai

    NMSGulf offers a Complete, High-quality Hematology Solution for your medical needs. Utilize our hematology analyzers to upgrade your clinical research center tasks and improve patient consideration.

    Our hematology instruments accomplish exact outcomes rapidly. Utilize computerized rehash and reflex testing to diminish TAT and get precise outcomes quicker from difficult specimens. Advance staff fulfillment. Diminish manual work, computerize cycles and use information the executive’s instruments for auto-approval. Accomplish more with less. Let loose workspace with instruments intended for your research center’s fit and comfort needs

    How can Hematology Analyzer by NMSGulf help your medical needs?

    Make scientific testing more affordable and advance organization development with a full scope of effective hematology arrangements by NMSGulf. Hematology analyzer Dubai are utilized generally in understanding and exploration settings to tally and describe platelets for sickness location and observing. Fundamental analyzers return a total blood tally (CBC) with a three-section differential white platelet (WBC) check. Complex Mindray hematology reagents measure cell morphology and can identify little cell populaces to analyze uncommon blood conditions.

    The three principle actual advances utilized in Hematology reagents delivered by NMSGulf are: electrical impedance, stream cytometry, and fluorescent stream cytometry. These are utilized in blend with substance reagents that lyse or adjust platelets to broaden the quantifiable boundaries. For instance, electrical impedance can separate red platelets (RBCs), WBCs, and platelets by volume. Adding a nucleating specialist that recoils lymphocytes more than different WBCs makes it conceivable to separate lymphocytes by volume.

    The conventional strategy for checking cells is electrical impedance, otherwise called the Coulter Principle. It is utilized in pretty much every hematology analyzer. Entire blood is passed between two terminals through an opening so thin that only each cell can go through in turn. The impedance changes as a cell goes through. The adjustment of impedance is relative to cell volume, bringing about a phone check and proportion of volume.

    NMSGulf three advances with inventive employments of reagents, hydrofluidics, and information investigation instruments to create restrictive techniques. Each machine has qualities as far as precision, speed, or broadness of boundaries. One can anytime get in touch with our experts to know the functions of this machine in detail and accordingly invest on the best one. Our experts will give you a brief idea about how our machine works and its benefits. One can anytime get in touch with us and buy a Hematology analyzer in Dubai from NMSGulf.


    Features : Large color LCD display & Linux operation system ·Support USB data backup & system upgrade ·Excellent data management with mouse and keyboard ·High efficient self-checking system, low maintenance ·Support LIS and HIS with HL7 protocol ·Collaborator of BIO-RADcontrol,target value available

    Mindray BC - 3200

    BC-3200 is the latest innovative offering with FDA approval which comes with a Cap Piercing chamber supporting 4 kinds of tubes to avoid possible biological contamination. Furthermore, the fast test speed, accurate results, user-friendly software and easy maintenance bring you a best-in-class analyzer.

    Mindray BC- 6800

    Today, laboratories not only need more reliable routine CBC plus 5-part diff WBC testing by way of high processing speed, but are also looking for options that extend the analyzer’s output in form of Reticulocytes, Nucleated RBCs, Fluorescent Platelet counts etc. for wider clinical application and research. On the other hand, they are restricted by limited budgets. BC-6800 can help to meet all these needs just perfectly and even exceed the expectations.

    Mindray BC-5800

    The BC-5800 Auto Hematology Analyzer provides additional values for medium-sized labs. Responding to increased demands for high quality read-outs and accurate diagnostic decisions, BC-5800 provides a reliable chemical dye method, complete 5-part differential menu and re-exam rule customization. With the high test speed of 90 tests per hour and touch screen operation, BC-5800 serves as one-stop workstation and streamline routine workflow in a hematology lab.

    Mindray BC-5300

    The new BC-5300 Auto Hematology Analyzer is a bench-top system, combining state-of-the-art technologies to provide reliable and accurate five-part hematology results from just 20uL of blood. The Windows-based software also provides many advanced features to enhance lab efficiency. BC-5300 requires zero daily maintenance and is equipped with an automatic cleaning set-up to make daily use as easy as possible.

    Mindray BC-5380

    Utilizing three mainstream technologies, the new BC-5380 Auto Hematology Analyzer can provide rapid and reliable tests from just 20uL of blood. In order to save time and manual handling, an autoloader is equipped to hold 30 tubes at one time and achieve 60 samples per hour throughput.

    EDAN DS 500

    DS-500 The DS-500 can provide rapid and reliable test results from just 10μL of blood. With the concept toward high-efficiency and minimal manual operation, DS-500 is the ideal choice for streamlining daily workflow.

    DS 500i

    DS-500i The DS-500i can provide rapid and reliable tests from just 10μL of blood in micro predilution mode. In order to save time and manual handling, DS-500i has an autoloader to hold 60 tubes at one time and unlimited data storing capacity. DS-500i is the ideal choice for streamlining daily workflow.


    • 5-Part-Diff Hematology Analyzer
    • 34 Parameters Including RETIC_ABS,RETIC%, IRF
    • Flow Cytometry (FCM) + Multi Angle Scatter Separation (MASS)
    • Hourly throughput up to 60 samples
    • Resistant RBC mode
    • Multi-language software available (Tailor-Made)

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