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    X Ray Machine Suppliers in UAE

    X-ray machine is an equipment that has become a must in most of the hospitals today. It is a machine which allows a doctor to see the interior side of your body without having to make predictions before operating a patient. This equipment has been in use for many decades to treat patients. The reason why this machine is a must is because it helps the doctor to view the correct problem inside your body more easily and precisely. For diagnosing, monitoring and treating a good number of medical emergencies, X-ray machine is the first equipment that comes to the rescue.


    X ray machines come with many types that are specifically used as per the body part to be treated. For some people who are already suffering from any disease, usage of X ray machine can prove to be dangerous. In such cases, it is always advisable to take right precautionary measures prescribed by your family doctor. Whereas for the patients who are good to go without any major health problems, an X ray machine is the best equipment to trust upon. There are many dealers who have been selling digital X-ray machine in Dubai at competitive rates in accordance to the market price. We at National Medical Supplies, offer a variety of X ray machines with deals that are value to money spent.


    One type of X ray machine which is most commonly used complicated surgeries, orthopaedic surgery, etc. is the C arm machine. The equipment is named C-arm machine so as to define its C-shaped arm which is placed in a way to connect the detector and X-ray source. This X-ray machine helps to create high intensity images and also proves to be anon-invasive device. Our institution provides the C arm machine in Dubai at a very phenomenal price. Other than the C-arm machine, NMS also offers premium quality mammography machine in Dubai. The mammography machine is a high in demand equipment which helps in detecting breast cancer right at its inception in a human body. Designed with a feature that could easily detect the symptoms of breast cancer more accurately, NMS has become one of the best institutions in providing the mammography machine in Dubai.


    At National Medical Supplies we also offer one of a kind Veterinary X-ray machine in Dubai. If you are looking out for any of these equipment’s in an affordable price range, do get in touch with us.

    DRGEM - Radiography system for multipurpose radiography / with Bucky stand

    The GXR-SD Series is a diagnostic digital radiography system providing reliable high quality digital radiographic images with reduced dose

    Digital mobile Radiographic unit -DRGEM

    It begins with Adavanced Technology DRGEM?s newly launched Mobile Digital Radiography system is developed by DRGEM?s accumulated high technology and experience through a decade of experience in conventional and digital radiography system

    DRGEM GXR-S Series

    The new designed GXR diagnostic X-ray system provides an analogue radiographic room that perfectly fits your workflow and budget, but it can be easily upgraded to DR system with the help of DR interface and PC interface in the generator as well as Bucky suitable to Flat Panel Detector.

    iRAY Mars 1417v

    iRAY is committed to supply the outstanding X-ray Flat Panel Detector(FPD) and DR solutions to customers around the world. As the leading FPD manufacturer in China, iRay has abstracted the brilliant scientists, experts and talented graduates from world famous universities and companies

    GXR-S Series

    High Performance and Reliability!

    The Optimal System for Digital Solution

    The GXR-SD Series is a diagnostic digital radiography system providing reliable high quality digital radiographic images with reduced dose. The GXR-SD DR systems provides comprehensive digital solutions to all radiography needs, featuring GXR-SD digital imaging system with stationary or portable digital flat-panel detectors, reliable high-frequency x-ray generator which has worldwide reputation on excellent performance, lifetime and stability. Also user-friendly designed various tube stands, patient table and wall stand are offered for user’s choice. The GXR-SD Series DR system will improves your workflow, exam throughput and efficiency with excellent performance.

    • Floor Mounted
    • Tube Stand
    • Floor-Ceiling Mounted
    • Tube Stand
    • Vertical Wall Bucky Stand
    • Elevating Table
    • Floating Tabletop Table

    DrGem Topaz 400mA Digital X-ray Machine

    Wider Coverage

    Longer arm stroke and high column provide wider coverage and patient-friendly operation service.


    Safety Function

    Front safety bumper & brake, spring loaded front wheel, and status LED indicator provide safety and convenience for your patient and operator. It will prevent any unexpected/ secondary accident.


    Accurate Positioning & Movement

    Accurate positioning and precise movement provided with 4 direction buttons on this control panel.


    Optimized Image Quality

    Outstanding image quality by optimized digital image processing


    Ergonomic and Compact Design

    Easy driving and maneuverability with ergonomic and compact design.


    Convenient Storage Compartment

    Enough space for detector, battery and other necessary equipment.


    Swift Mobility

    5km/h speed allows you to save time and cost, satisfying your patients with quick processing.

    DrGem GXR-SD Ceiling Mounted Digital X-ray Machine


    • System concept: Premium ceiling system for high-end market
    • Higher accuracy through fully integrated system
    • High efficiency with optimized workflow
    • Patient safety with various sensors
    • Multiple image stitching for stand and table
    • Advanced elevating table with high patient load up to 300 kg
    • Tube stand touch screen console for system, collimator, X-ray control and X-ray preview
    • Collimator live streaming camera
    • Options include AEC, carbon tabletop
    • Optional AI software available
    • Detector format: 17×17" / 17×14", wired/wireless

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