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    In dental medical care settings, all instrument cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting happens in an assigned focal handling region to all the more effectively control quality and guarantee wellbeing. The instrument handling region ought to be truly isolated into segments for 1) accepting, cleaning, and disinfecting; 2) readiness and bundling; 3) sanitization; and 4) Storage.

    During this process all the guidelines and rules are followed related to sanitization and disinfection measures. Cleaning includes the expulsion of garbage (natural or inorganic) from an instrument or gadget. If the medical trash and debris are not taken out, it will meddle with microbial inactivation and can bargain the sanitization or cleansing cycle.

    When choosing Dental instruments: Sterilization cleaning techniques and gear incorporate their viability, their similarity with the things to be cleaned, and the word related wellbeing and openness chances they present. Since instruments cleaned with computerized cleaning hardware it need not be presoaked or scoured, the utilization of robotized gear can expand efficiency, improve cleaning viability, and abatement specialist openness to blood and body liquids. Along these lines, utilizing robotized gear can be more proficient and more secure than physically cleaning debased instruments.

    Trash can be taken out from an instrument either by scouring the instrument physically with a surfactant or cleanser and water or by utilizing robotized hardware (e.g., ultrasonic cleaner, washer-disinfector) and substance specialists. In the wake of cleaning, instruments ought to be washed with water to eliminate synthetic or cleanser buildup. Sprinkling ought to be limited during washing and cleaning.

    Cominox Omniwash

    OMNIWASH is the commercial washer designed for washing surgical and dental instruments: its use reduces the infection risks from manually washing sharp instruments. Easy to use, it performs a 55°C washing cycle and a 85°C rinse cycle. Drying lasts about 20 minutes. The stainless steel basket can accommodate up to 9 trays, meanwhile the two arms, placed above and below the basket provide a powerful washing.


    SPEEDYWATER is the ideal solution for the water demineralization, a fundamental operation to ensure the right operations. The demineralizer is made up of a double ionic exchange resins which transform water in demineralized water through automatic feed. It is easy to install and to connect to the machine and the routine maintenance is simple. It produces up to 300 liters per filter and it is recommended to those who do till 4 sterilization cycles per day.

    Cominox Water Distiller

    The production of suitable sterilization water is key point in high-class sterilization: for this reason Cominox provides tools and systems in this area. Simple and effective equipments like Discom, Speedywater and Osmywater work on the deminiralisation and on the distillation part, in order to let sterilizers work properly. For a pure sterilization, from raw material: water.

    Cominox Ultrasonic Cleaner

    SONICLEAN - ultrasonic bath SWEEP Function - allows a perfect distribution of ultrasound in the cuvette BOOST function - increases the power of ultrasound by 25% DEGAS function - removes gases from cleaning fluid

    Cominox Autoclave Class S

    S Class COMINOX ‘S’ Class Stericlave’s feature a large LCD screen with simple 4 button functionality. Fitted with a unique one piece chamber that comes with a 10 year chamber guarantee and a high performance vacuum pump these S class machines are manufactured to meet strict S Class classifications.

    Cominox Autoclave Class B

    COMINOX ‘B’ Class Stericlave’s feature a large LCD screen with simple 4 button functionality. Fitted with a unique one piece chamber that comes with a 10 year chamber guarantee and also incorporating a heavy duty vacuum pump, these B class machines are built for a lifetime.

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